What is good for me to bake is good for your palate!

Testimonials from Participants November 1, 2009

“The workshop is very enjoyable, and effective. After the workshop, I had more confidence in baking and I find your teaching very clear and concise. You are very patient towards me and when I am not very sure about some things, you did not mind explaining to me the instructions again. Especially, you are a very professional teacher and I would really like to attend your workshops next time.” – Winnie, Customised Basic Baking Workshop, 4 Aug 12.

“My family gave thumbs up for the muffins but commented that the brownie was a bit too sweet. We enjoyed the cosy one-to-one workshop and hope to practice what you have taught us” – Stacey, Brownie and Muffins Workshop, 10 Jan 10.

“I’ve enjoyed the workshop a lot and is very looking forward to the next one ;)” – SY, Chocolate Valentine’s Workshop, 3 Jan 10.

“…That was an informal and interesting hands-on workshop! Both of us had fun and wow our hubbies with our creation!” – Stacey, Chocolate Valentine’s Workshop, 3 Jan 10.

“…we all did enjoy ourselves at your place learning another art for cake baking/decoration. We really appreciate your imparting your skills to us.” – Jackie, Roses Decoration Workshop, 1 Nov 09.

“The workshop is very personalised and hands-on and it’s very useful for a first timer like me. The duration and the size of the class was just nice. With more practices i can now make better and nicer roses. =)) And i would be looking forward to attend your other future workshops! Thanks for the wonderful time and experience! =))” – Hidayah, Roses Decoration Workshop, 18 Oct 09.

“…Feels like a friend teaching us and not those commercially run workshop. The pace of the workshop is comfortable. Keep it up.” – PL, Roses Decoration Workshop, 18 Oct 09.


2 Responses to “Testimonials from Participants”

  1. Mrs. F. NG Says:

    can u pls let me knw where ur workshop is?

  2. Hi Mrs Ng,
    The workshop is conducted at my home, somewhere near Serangoon MRT station. Thanks. Jane.

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