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Customised Workshop October 18, 2009

fondant01Modelling Chocolate roseWelcome to Palatable’s trainer-on-the-move!

In Palatable, we aim to provide you a good experience with hands-on, semi hands-on or demo workshops depending on your requirement. Here’s the concept.

1) Gather a minimum of 2 persons.

2) Tell us what you would like to learn.

3) We will send you our proposed programme.bread

4) Charges start at $120 per person (for 2-3 persons), or $100 per person (for 4 persons & above) for at least two hours session with two recipes.

5) Venue will be at client location (or trainer place) to be determined upon confirmation.

6) Client will have to prepare some kitchen accessories as advised by trainer-on-the-move (if it’s outside trainer’s place).puff

7) Charges for the workshop include all ingredients and recipes.

*Start your booking now!*

Trainer-on-the-move teaches the following:

1) Cakesfondant02

2) Pies, tarts

3) Cookies

4) Pastries (Choux and puff)poundcake02

5) Cake decorations

6) Any other food not listed, upon enquiry/request

We hope you will give us your sincere feedback and comments in order for us to serve you better.

Email to Jane at thepalatable(a)gmail(dot)com for more information, a chat, ask questions or provide feedback.

Thank you, and we hope you’ll visit us again!


7 Responses to “Customised Workshop”

  1. Vivien Kwok Says:


    I’m interested in the chocolate moulding workshop. Kindly email me if you are starting any workshop regarding to chocolate moulding. Thx.


  2. carrot cake lover Says:

    If I want to learn to bake a blotchy nipple carrot cake just like yours, when can we have the workshop?

  3. jeff peck Says:

    what is golden syrup

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