What is good for me to bake is good for your palate!

Workshops October 3, 2009

fondant01Welcome to Palatable’s Workshop Ideas!

In Palatable, we aim to provide you a good experience with hands-on, semi hands-on or demo workshops depending on your requirement.

For customised workshops, click here.

Workshops Available Currently: Modelling Chocolate rose

1. Roses Decoration Workshop

2. Pound Cakes Workshop

3. Brownie Workshop (Parent & Child)

4. Chocolate Valentine’s Workshop

5. Magnificent Muffins Workshop 

We hope you will give us your sincere feedback and comments in order for us to servpoundcake02e you better. Read more about our participants’ feedback and view the workshop photo gallery.

Email to Jane at thepalatable(a)gmail(dot)com for more information, a chat, ask questions orfondant02 provide feedback.

Thank you, and we hope you’ll visit us again!


9 Responses to “Workshops”

  1. MICE Says:

    I am interested in Chocolate making. Provide me with the upcoming schedule. Thks.

  2. Catherine Says:

    I am a beginner in baking. May I know what type of oven and mixer should I buy please! Thank you

    • Hi Catherine,
      I can’t tell you what type of oven or mixer you should buy. It all depends on your needs and budget. There are high end kind of mixer like Kenwood and Kitchen Aid where it costs a few hundreds up to a thousand. There are the lower end hand held ones which cost about $100. It depends on how instensive you will be baking and mixing. For me, I have both the handheld and the middle range Kenwood.
      As for oven, it depends on your kitchen space too! You can have built in, or counter top kind. There are many kinds. I suggest you visit departmental store to find out their functions, and most importantly, the cost. You may drop me an email at if you want to know more. Btw, I’m no expert at oven sourcing myself! Hope this helps, thank you. Jane

      • Catherine Says:

        Thanks Jane for your kind explanation. I finally got myself and kenwood mixer and a Europa stand alone oven. Total cost me about RM2K. Hope to share more in the near future. Take care!

      • Hi Catherine,
        I’m glad you have invested in a set of good mixer and oven! Hope you can generate endless bakes of good food! Have fun with your new “toys”!

  3. Emily Says:

    Hi, I am seeking a chef to bake some breads for filming on 19/5/12. Pls contact me for more information. Thank you!

  4. Jill Van Huizen Says:

    Hi, are you still conducting workshop ? Tks.

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