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Customised Basic Baking Workshop August 9, 2012

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I conducted a Basic Baking Workshop for a 13-year-old girl upon the request of her mother. She was preparing for her home economics class, and an exam coming up.  Nowadays, children are not so fortunate to be able to learn baking from their mothers. I remembered during our generation, most of our mothers are home-makers, therefore, they will be able to teach their children in their home economics, in all aspects from cooking to sewing and to household chores. Unfortunately, the younger generation now are not as fortunate as our times.

Here’s a snippet of the workshop. The girl already has some basic baking skills which she had learnt from school, so she was able to pick up the techniques really fast! I wish her all the best in her home economics exams!! ūüôā

Materials used during the workshop.

Weighing out the ingredients.

Folding the flour.

Carrot Cupcakes & Mini Chocolate Chips muffins.


Customised Chocolate Cake Workshop February 27, 2011

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A customised chocolate workshop was requested by a lady. She wanted to learn how to bake a cake, frost it, and decorate it for her son’s birthday. As it is, the workshop was arranged and organised it according to her request. The picture of the cake was also provided by her. She was very satisfied with the outcome, and she was able to replicate the whole cake at home, herself.


Welcome! October 8, 2009

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Welcome to my new website!Cookie with fondant

We have just introduced a new workshop concept. You’ll be the boss, and you tell us what you would like to learn. Then we’ll design our workshop programme to suit you. Being a customer myself, I understand how important it is that when I attend workshops, I want it to¬†meet my needs. Therefore, the¬†workshops that I will conduct for you, will meet your learning objectives!

In the mean time while you decide what you would like to learn, check out our tempting gallery with sweet treats that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

If that is still not enough, check out the blog by our trainer & chef: Passionate About Baking. This is the place where she shares her baking experience and journey with her readers.

Visit this site often to get more updates soon!