What is good for me to bake is good for your palate!

Cheesecakes September 28, 2009

1. Chocolate Cheesecake

Selling Price: 6″ – $40, 9″ – $70

Chocolate Cheesecake

A rich confection for both chocolate and cheesecake lovers! You get the best of both worlds: creamy cheesecake with rich chocolate on biscuit and cornflakes crust.

2. Triple Layer Cheesecake

Selling Price: 6″ – $40, 9″ – $70

Triple Layer Cheesecake

A rich indulgence for chocolate and coffee lovers! Milk chocolate and white chocolate with coffee layer.  It’s almost like having three different cheesecakes!

3. Vanilla Cheesecake

Selling Price: 6″ – $40, 9″ – $70

Vanilla Cheesecake

A delectable cheesecake mixed with vanilla seeds. Creamy with vanilla seeds makes this cheesecake a classic to have for any occasions!

* Designs may vary depends on requirements.
Prices updated in April 2013.


2 Responses to “Cheesecakes”

  1. Sila Says:

    Hi Jane,

    I was searching for baking courses and saw your link. I don’t know if i am passionate about baking but i always have this dream to open my own bakery shop. it’s embarassing as i’m not a creative person.

    U just inspire me. I am planning to get the California style cert from BITC. It’s just my first step. Hope i can join your workshops. Regards

    • Hi Sila,
      Thanks for your interest. If you have the interest and passion, I would advice, just go for it! You’ll find a lot of satisfaction and achievement. Sure, you’ll be welcome to attend my workshops if it’s not too basic or simple for you. Will keep you informed of my next workshop. 🙂

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